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Ludwig Schwarz: Arrival, Departure, Arrival

Ludwig Schwarz: Arrival, Departure, Arrival

October 12 - November 23, 2019

For the Fall exhibition, 214 Projects will present “Arrival, Departure, Arrival” a solo show of the artist Ludwig Schwarz. The exhibition takes place on the stage of temporality, with Schwarz’s paintings working in collaboration with the specific nature of the project space and more specifically 214Projects. A multi-disciplinary artist, Schwarz has a history of exhibiting painting as an equal player in situational settings, functioning with a variety of media in context specific, open narratives. Still, painting itself remains significant to Schwarz’s overall practice, all the while knowing that once out in the world, painting is on its own.


About Ludwig Schwarz
Ludwig Schwarz earned a BFA from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX and an MFA at the School of Visual Arts, New York.  He returned to Dallas, where he has continued to exhibit both locally and nationally. Recent exhibitions include; No Title (Subject to Change), Conduit Gallery,  Dallas, TX (2019); Untitled (series of eight paintings), The Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX (2018); Some Twenty Year Old Works on Paper and Two New Sculptures, The Box Company, Dallas, TX (2017); Rudolph Blume Fine Art/Artscan, Houston, TX (2017); Ludwig Schwarz: Retrospective (1990–2014), Rest Stop, Makebish, New York, NY (2015); Encounters, Lump, Raleigh, N.C. (2015); the Dallas Biennial, Oliver Francis Gallery, Dallas, TX; Meet the Schwarzes, NADA NY with James Cope Projects; the 2012 and 2010 Brucennial, NY; Galerie Carolyn Heinz, Hamburg, Germany (2011); Leo Castelli Gallery, NY (2011); Re-Seeing the Contemporary: Selected from the Collection, Dallas Museum of Art (2010); The Rose Art Museum of Brandeis University, Walthum, MA (2008) and Road Agent Gallery, Dallas, TX (2007). 

In an April 2014 feature about Schwarz, Dallas Morning News art critic Rick Brettell wrote of the artist, “I am surer than ever that Schwarz is a major artist. Indeed, he is quite possibly the most important painter who has lived in our city in the last generation…” In 2018, the Dallas Museum of Art acquired a suite of eight five by four foot paintings from Schwarz’s 2016 Desktop exhibition. 

For press inquiries and further information on the artist or works in the exhibition, please contact desk@conduitgallery.com. 

About Conduit Gallery
From its inception in 1984, Conduit Gallery has committed to exhibit and promote work by promising emerging talent and nationally-recognized career artists, with a focus on artists working in Texas. The gallery’s strength is a dynamic exhibition program of drawing, painting, sculpture, video and installation. The programing goal is to show substantive, provocative work which address issues of contemporary art: gender, politics and race, through both figurative and non-objective work. The Project Room is reserved for exhibiting compelling work by emerging artists not represented by the gallery.

Among the artists represented by the gallery are Anthony Sonnenberg, Lance Letscher, Fahamu  Pecou, Sarah Ball, Annabel Daou, Vincent Falsetta, Ludwig Schwarz, Annette Lawrence, Kirk Hayes, Maja Ruznic, Stephen Lapthisophon, Ted Larsen and Jeff Gibbons.

214 Projects
In March 2019, as part of an expanding outreach initiative, the Dallas Art Fair launched 214 Projects, an exhibition and project space at River Bend in the Design District. This additional venue allows Dallas Art Fair exhibitors and outside curators to present ambitious gallery installations and special projects on a year-round basis.


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Image: Ludwig Schwarz, Untitled (1702), courtesy of the artist and Conduit Gallery.